I Ran in The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

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I was in Washington D.C. this weekend to run in the annual Cherry Blossom 10 mile run Sunday morning!
(yep, that means I was on that ridiculously long train ride again –but it was much better this time!)

I’d been really excited for this run because it’s something a lot of my family members do every year and I was supposed to run it last year but ended up hurting my ankle.
And in retrospect, I probably wasn’t in the best mindset for training anyways…

This year, I trained (healthily!) and did plenty of ankle-icing and vowed that all I had to do was finish the run without walking and I’d be happy–I always consider myself a slllloooww runner and didn’t care about finishing with a good time

The race started around 7:30am on Sunday, so we were up super early! I literally slept in my sports bra and running tank to “minimize changing time and maximize sleeping time”
Great strategy, Kate

too early Clearly energetic and ready

Regardless of how early it was I had to eat some breakfast so I devoured a quick fuel of oatmeal and banana before getting in the car and driving to the race.

I forgot just how much I love race events! The crowd was HUGE, congregating right by the start line at the Washington monument. The perfect weather, music and beautiful setting got everyone pumped up

Another reason I love races is because of the spectators. I wish I could have taken some photos as I ran but alas, I’m not as talented as hot-guy Instagram girl. But there were people dressed up along the route, little kids giving high fives (I tried to return them all!) and plenty of great signs

Some of my favorites include:

“You’re almost there!” (at mile 0.5)

“Worst parade I’ve ever seen”

“Run now, poop later”

“Wow. Much fast. Very Running.”

“The faster you run, the sooner you can drink!”

“Run faster, winter is coming”
(a shoutout to the Game of Thrones premiere that night, which I missed waahh 🙁 )

“Hurry up! Brunch is at 11”
(this will always help me run)

“Free beer and Oreos”
(at mile 7.5 they were seriously doing this. perfect)

They all kept me going throughout the ten miles. I felt a little slow around mile six, but overall the whole thing felt great!

Also: is it weird that I like to imagine I am a car as I am running and may or may not make little vroom noises in my head when I speed up to pass people or change my place on the route or merge into another part of the path?

great run, great playlist, great views, great finish

The first thing I thought after I passed the finish line and reunited with my family was I’M HUNGRY

Luckily, there were infinite bananas
They were also giving away these “Food Should Taste Good”  snack bags which I love, so that rejuvenated me

sweet potato
I may or may not have grabbed a few of these (I <3 free stuff)

heat blankets
also, I got to learn what there big reflect-y blanket thingys were!

And then let’s not forget that one guy’s glorious sign “brunch at 11” which was actually true for my family. They go hard on the food when it comes to family gatherings and today was no exception

sconesspinach quiche
Spinach quiche, chocolate chip scones, french bread, muffins, fruit….

We ate tons and stretched our sore legs on the lawn in 60 degree weather (hallelujah spring) all afternoon
and it was perfect 🙂

Now that I know I can run long distances like this, I really need to start doing more of these race events
((Color run here I come!!))

  • If you’re a runner: what was your favorite running experience?
  • If you’re not: would you ever try participating in a running event?

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