Blogging is hard, y’all

I love being on the web and I love hearing from you and reading about your own experiences and lives (especially those of you that have blogs/instagrams of your own)

But once I step out of the writing flow it’s hard to get back into it

I wanted to update you on how life has been on Cape Cod this summer but I could babble on forever and we all know our attention spans can’t handle that because we’re the generation of Vines and skimming articles and 5-second snapchat stories (says every elderly person ever) ((that reminds me: a woman chastised me last night for looking at my phone at the beach while the sun was setting because I had to CALL MY GRANDMA about spending some QUALITY TIME WITH HER also I go to watch the sunset and FREAKING MEDITATE at the beach nearly every weekday evening lady please MIND YA BUSINESS)) ((anyways…))

Here are some scenes from my summer on the Cape so far:


Starting with being able to wake up to this view every morning


and read with my coffee on the back porch on the weekends (that turned over book is The Secret History by Donna Tartt–so good!)


Going for runs that are gorgeous but….not always the most pleasant


Making muffins (recipe which I’ve used about 4 times already coming soon!)


and punching ED in the face (with some flourless chocolate cake–store bought)


Finding gluten-free graham crackers so I can have S’mores with my best friend who is celiac


and overall knocking out the fear foods


With some amazing, amazing support
(I save every kind message I receive. You guys keep me strong)


I’ve been going on boat rides with family


Laughing hysterically at old photos (yeah, I’ve been on the right sass track from the start)


and seeing breathtaking sunsets nearly every night


plus the occasional sunrise :)


Wishing you all the best and I hope to be back here writing and revamping some of this website soon


  • How is your summer going?


I’ll begin my summer return to blogging with a story

It’s a story that helps me realize how much these four things have been changing me in ways I never thought possible:

I’ll be writing separate posts in detail about each very soon (and will link to them when they’re done)

1) Essential Oils




2) 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene 

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.44.03 AM

 3) This book




4) EFT Tapping (I actually saw a professional!)

All four have been teaching me how to really reduce my anxiety, see the world in a different light and practice mindfulness. You know mindfulness, that thing that basically every health guru/Tara Stiles will say you should do for peace? I’m ACTUALLY getting the hang of it after all this time :o


Back to story time!

I got a camp counselor job in Brewster, Cape Cod this summer so I’m staying with my aunt uncle and cousin in their gorgeous house on the Cape this summer :) I’m currently writing from the back deck which overlooks the bay and I’m so excited to be able to do this for the next couple months.

But it took 8 hours for me to get here from New York yesterday…(not normal)

That’s because the bus I was supposed to transfer onto after my train ended up being full and instead of finding a different bus to take us they left the 30-something passengers that wanted to be on the bus with the other 30-something passengers that arrived for the 2:15 bus. The 2:15 came and went after only being able to take 5 passengers.

People were mad. And they should have been. It was ridiculous that there were no workers anywhere to help or give anyone valuable information.

But for some weird reason, I felt totally fine. I wanted to get to the Cape as soon as possible, and of course I thought this system was a mess, but if this had happened to me a year ago I for sure would have been mad as hell and basically screaming in my head. I’ve never actually yelled at an employee but I 100% would be cursing them out in my mind

and cursing at myself too–now I won’t be able to go for a run and all this standing/sitting is going to make me fat and if I get too hungry I’ll eat too much later and this isn’t how I planned today this isn’t how I planned today this isn’t how I planned today

I can’t describe how huge of a change it is that I felt totally fine. I read my book, listened to music, talked to some other people in line….and let whatever happened happen until the 2:45 bus finally took us.

Eckhart Tolle is doin’ crazy stuff to my head, guys.

***** NEXT up in mindfulness: one more quick story! ****

Once I finally got to the house in Brewster, my cousin started talking about dinner plans and said her and a friend were going to make homemade pizzas, to which I said I’d join in on while I smothered ED with a pillow in the background

Pizza has been a challenge I’ve really been doing okay with lately

But then my aunt started reading all the nutrition facts out loud and scoffing at how bad the crust was (side note: it wasn’t that bad anyways) and ED decided to momentarily freak out.



I still made the pizza

and it was awesome

because after that brief moment of freak out I remembered that everyone is different and that my aunt reading the nutrition facts was not about me. I think she’s been under some stress lately with her kids and she’s been saying she wants to lose weight. That doesn’t mean I think she should have negativity about it, because nobody should get that caught up in calories, I think. But it she’s on her own journey, and I’m on mine. and mine involves pizza :)


My morning looked like this:


and this afternoon I’m off to learn CPR for my job! WOOOO

Hope you’re all doing well



Ha, get it?? Like “catch up” but its ketchup?

Nevermind. I hate ketchup.



-Puns have not improved

-I’m back!!


I hated this hiatus and I want to stop taking them. But life is crazy and tough classes + running a club + keeping a biweekly column + editing a newspaper + work + excuses is whack.

-I’ll keep things short but I missed the bloggin’ life and I’ve got some updates for you guys and some *~life plans~* lined up


Expect some posts on:

1. My transformation into a hippie

I’ve been experimenting with essential oils lately after some research and recommendations

I’ve also recently started using apple cider vinegar and just a few days ago started oil pulling! Reviews to come.

Basically, people like Olivia Organic Olivia and Tara at Sustainable Baby Steps are my new idols and I’m loving trying out this new way to care for my body :)

2. Relationships

I recently started a new relationship and it’s had me thinking about a post I’d been wanting to do on this blog for a while: discussing what it was like to be in a relationship during some of the worst periods of my eating disorder and recovery

3. My writing

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 7.07.08 PM

Half the reason I haven’t felt able to write as much as I’d like on here is because I’ve been doing a lot of other mental health positive writing, which has been kool (if not super stressful) I’m thinking I might add a link section to my articles in case you guys have nothing better to do and feel like reading some stuff about things written by yours truly



(Of course) I’ve broken some fear foods recently and I’m also really getting into the whole vegan/gluten free/paleo style baking–not for any restriction purposes, but just because its been fun to see what I can make taste good even with those properties! Looking forward to being able to cook/bake more this summer and will definitely share

5. How much I love you

So this will most likely just be frequently added into my posts, but seriously. You are awesome. I have gotten some of the kindest, most genuine and beautiful messages from such strong, amazing people via this blog and its instagram (which is way more up to date because taking a snapshot of a banana is way easier than uploading a post…)

Please remember that you are loved. You are never alone. And any time you want to chat, I’m all ears :)

Thank you for your support

And if you’ve been sticking with me theough the random disappearances, hello again :)


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