Hi everyone! How was your weekend??

Mine was pretty good! I may be doing a second post later today, but for now I just wanted to signal boost something–I only just found out about it last night and I think it’s something that should be spread if you are interested in eating disorders, nutrition, psychology, etc.

The Institue for the Psychology of Eating Disorders is hosting a its second annual FREE Eating Psychology Online Conference starting today until July 26th!
Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.00.50 PM

As an intern for NEDA, I’ve been doing a lot of work to help prep for the annual conference that will be taking place October 16-18 in San Antonio, TX
The conference looks awesome so far and there are some really fantastic presenters and topics. I wish I could go, but with the money for travel and for the conference itself, I just can’t afford it right now (although there are scholarships you can apply for if you are interested–check it out!)

So that’s why I’m excited about this totally free conference–I don’t think the opportunity should be passed up!

The conference involves a variety of presenters on topics like current nutrition trends, loving your body, the psychology of binge eating, and much more!

Here’s today’s lineup:
Monday,  21st of July
11:30am (EST) Marc David – A New View of Eating Psychology
12:00pm (EST) Dr. Mark Hyman  – A Doctor’s View of Food, Nutrition, and Health
12:30pm (EST) Amy Pershing  – The Psychology of Binge Eating
1:00pm (EST) Thomas Moore  – A Soulful Approach to Food
1:30pm (EST) Jessica Ortner – Tapping Meets Eating Psychology
2:00pm (EST) Dr. David Perlmutter  – New & Daring Insights into Brain Health
2:30pm (EST) John Assaraf – Mastering Your Mindset
3:00pm (EST) Isabelle Tierney – If You Don’t Dare to Love Your Body, Who Will?
3:30pm (EST) John Robbins – A Heartfelt Understanding of Food, Planet & Soul
4:00pm (EST) Dr. Sara Gottfried – A Deeper Look at Hormones & Sacred Chemistry
4:30pm (EST) Jon Gabriel – The Psychobiology of Weight
5:00pm (EST) Lindsey Averill – Fattitude: An Empowering Look at Fat

When you sign up, you receive a dial-up number and link to a page to watch any of these presentations that you are interested in!

You can visit the conference page here to learn more about it

I just signed up and I think I will watch a few of the videos this evening!
I’m hoping I will have time to watch at least a few presentations this week, because they all seem really interesting! I hope you guys will sign up and let me know if you watch anything really interesting!

Happy Monday! Talk to ya later :)

**Explicit Content Ahead**

I have become that person.
The one that has to get out her cell phone before she can dig into the plate of food at a restaurant
The one trying to cut her bananas into a perfect ring around her oatmeal
The one adjusting the light and clearing everything off of the table to get the best setting

Yep, the Instagram doesn’t lie…

I gotta be honest though, I’ve been really enjoying working in the FoodPorn Industry so far. I’ve gotten some great meal (/artistic) ideas from browsing around amazing pictures, and it’s kind of fun seeing how I can work delicious foods into a good picture.

Of course, I’m an amateur, so I thought I’d show some of the work of the real FoodPorn Stars plus some of my progress in pics I took this week to see if any of them turn you on

What’s that? The porn jokes aren’t funny?
K, fine…let’s just move on

^Is this going to be a thing I do now…?

A few things I ate this week:
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.57.35 PMCookies and Cream Quest Bar

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.57.55 PMOatmeal and Coffee

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.00.20 PMA classic: almond butter on toast

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.58.21 PMPanera Bread Salad

Eh? Eh?? Not too shabby??
(More importantly, all of it was delicious)

And now for a few favorites that had me drooling this week
Instagram user tags are below each pic:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.54.32 PMPizza from wantmylife_back
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.52.41 PMCaramel rice cake with peanut butter from healthiermads
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.47.10 PM   lindslovestolift perfecting the fruit designingScreen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.45.57 PMAnd these…triple chocolate caramel cake protein pancakes from healthy_hayls
I don’t even..

Would also just like to add that all of the users above are also ED recovery warriors! Just look at all the deliciousness that can be eaten when an eating disorder stops interfering :D

That’s all for now~
Hope this post wasn’t too X-rated
Okay I’m done

  • Got some quality foodporn pics? Send them my way!

Am I the only one who thinks this week went by REALLY fast??

Or maybe it’s just because it’s been such a busy one–I’ve been jumping from one place to the next…

Yes yes okay I know this is like the tenth time I have said I was busy I promise I will stop!

(but its still true)

And thus because of the busy its been a few days since I’ve blogged! Which actually makes me sad because I always feel like there are a million things to talk about but I don’t get around to sitting and writing a full post!
I’m also just a chatterbox so…

But another thing that is important to me that I’ve been trying to squeeze in on these busy days are my workouts! While I know that rest days are important and I don’t want to overwhelm myself, I also know that usually when I workout now it gives me more energy to conquer the day and is also a great stress reliever.

Lately a lot of people have been getting hyped up about HIIT training, which involves bursts of energy that get the heart rate up in a short amount of time between rests. It’s popular because it’s a time saver–spend less time at the gym but still get an awesome workout!

While I do like HIIT training, I actually like being able to spend some time at the gym. My workout is my alone time and I really enjoy it when I have a chance to do my own thing for a bit with exercises.

Of course, that can’t always be the case…

And so on Tuesday morning my sister and I were out of the house at 5:30am to go to a Crossfit class before catching the train for work (we are both working in the city this summer and take the same train!)

FkDJLjsI-QS6bdhEKGA1QLjGDoZvF5yLXooUrY5Q90Q(Sorry for the crummy pic, the instructor was super-intense and I was a little worried she would eat me for being on my phone)

I definitely didn’t regret the rude awakening at 5:15 after the class was finished–it was the perfect amount of challenge and actually gave me a lot of energy for the rest of the day!

Wednesday was a sort of  smorgishborg workout–literally squeezing in what I could in the hour of free time I had between babysitting jobs. I did a short jog followed by some yoga to stretch out my soreness from the Crossfit!

But tonight I really got the workout I wanted…

I babysat until 9:00pm and as soon as I stepped outside and felt how cool the summer air was I thought this is perfect jogging weather. I hadn’t exercised at all yet, so I put on my sneakers and headed for my old high school’s track with no plan of how far or how long I wanted to run–I just did what felt good and it was wonderful


Jogging has always been my favorite form of exercise because for me it is more about the mental (stress-release and mood-booster) benefits before it is the physical.

And now I am looking forward to Friday and a less-crazed weekend where I can get the time to relax a bit!
Hope everyone out there is looking forward to the weekend, too! :)

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