First of all yes, I’m alive! AAHHHH

This semester has by far been the busiest and most stressful. I’m keeping afloat trying to balance both work and recovery, but it’s definitely been a bit of a challenge. I’m hoping things will settle down in the next few weeks as I finish up some major projects.

But theres no way I’m going to miss out on NEDAwareness week!

I love love love the theme this year: “I had no idea” –it really sheds light on so many aspects of eating disorders that people don’t know and that’s how stigmas get broken.

Here are the awesome posters/social media images for this year (to share them on your facebook page go to!)

NEDAwareness_2015_FBCover_Parents NEDAwareness_2015_FBCover_Diversity NEDAwareness_2015_FBCover_Diet NEDAwareness_2015_FBCover_Illusions NEDAwareness_2015_FBCover_Athletes NEDAwareness_2015_FBCover_Doctors NEDAwareness_2015_FBCover_Bullying
I’ll be writing more this week about the theme of “I had no Idea” and some plans that the Active Minds club here at UMass has for the week!

In addition I’m going to be refocusing on my recovery after all this stress lately by doing a daily recovery challenge every day this week! :) I’m excited and terrified and I take that as a good sign. You can follow my challenges by the day on my instagram and I’ll be doing a review at the end of the week! You can also get involved if you want to do a challenge yourself! Just use the hashtag #NEDAwarenessChallenge so I can see! :)

For more info on how to get involved go visit to get involved!!

Apologies again for being MIA, but I’m back and excited to help raise awareness this week!

Stay strong to all you fighters out there


Question: do any of you guys do “days” when you workout (leg day, arm day, etc.)?

I have a few friends who like it and have told me I should try it out! In my hard ED days I barely did any strength training–it was all cardio, cardio, cardio…now, I’ve been having fun learning how to lift and making my muscles sore! This past week I’ve started trying to just focus on one muscle group when I do strength and am slowly shifting into testing out how my body likes doing the “days” of working out

So far, it looks like the butt basically has gotten its own day…

*~* Cue the song “Diva” by Beyonce *~*

When I do strength I really like making routines to songs. I put up this ab workout a few months back, and now I thought I’d share another “one song workout”!

This one involves a lot of squatting, and my quads are definitely on fire by the curtsey lunges every time…
I’d recommend listening to the song once through as you read the workout so you can hear where the moves come in

Diva Booty Workout
And incase you don’t recognize some of these moves or have never done them before, here are links to the moves:

Alternating Lunges

Sumo Squat

Curtsy Lunge

Narrow Squat 

Donkey Kicks

(Remember to fuel yourself before and after your workout and listen to your body always!)

Happy exercising!

Last semester my late-night classes/clubs schedule had me getting up at about 6 am most weekday mornings to squeeze in a workout at the gym. Obviously preparing a pre-workout meal before the sun was even fully up was out of the question…but I’m not big on fasted workouts anymore and definitely work harder when I’ve got something in my stomach

Cue the no-bake energy bites!


These little babies are super easy to make, taste awesome and it really does feel like they give me a little energy boost (maybe it’s just placebo, but hey I’ll take it!)

I made these in my dorm last semester and there is definitely another batch coming soon

The setup!

Aand the recipe:

No-Bake Energy Bites

Prep time: 7 minutes
Makes: 2 dozen (about 1.5 inch diameter)


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 2 tbspn honey
  • 1/4 cup raisins
  • 1 cup ground flax seeds
  • 2/3 cup gluten free oats

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and form into balls (I just used my hands for the whole process–much more fun anyways!)

Place in refrigerator for 10 – 15 minutes



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